About The Artist

Abigail Fletcher is currently living in the UK, but she spent the majority of her childhood out in the country in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

She then spent a year in Spain before moving to the UK in the winter of 2019, just in time for lockdown to start a few months later.

A recurring theme in Abigail's life has been a feeling of isolation. The Nova Scotia countryside offered little human connection as the nearest town was a 20 minute drive away, she only learned enough spanish to get by, not to have conversation and is only now venturing into the world post lockdown.

Art became a link to the world outside. A way of communicating her thoughts to the world from her bedroom, creating the human connection she desired.

Over lockdown specifically, Abigail started to dedicate her time to understanding art and her place in the art world. She originally started by studying fine art in college, but quickly realised that throughout all of her classical work she was waiting impatiently for a moment to focus on art she wanted to create, and that she was tired of putting it on hold when it felt like what she was meant to do.

She received a digital art tablet for her 19th birthday and has consistently created new art almost daily ever since.

Each art piece that she makes, Abigail makes a point of inserting a narrative. What's happening? Why are they here? What's the purpose? Are all questions she asks while drawing. 

Even if no one else knows, understanding the story behind any simple art piece is a crucial step in her creation. She believes that if there's no realistic lifeforce behind artwork of a character, its just an assembly of techniques and anatomy, a process that can be done on autopilot, and has no real meaning.

Since an early age, Abigail inserted herself into any corner of fandoms that she could. Alongside being an artist, Abigail is a cosplayer, with a following of over 100k on tiktok.

Abigail spends her time in the world of characters and story more often than not.

Once she finds a new show or book she likes, she wont stop analysing it until she understands every character, (their motivations, their morality and their purpose in the plot,) to the point of being able to recite it.

She then uses cosplay and art creation to express what she's learnt to the world as she believes that words can easily be misconstrued or misunderstood, while a visual creation connects with viewers more intimately and gets the point across easily.